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In the year 1998, the enthusiast Motor Bikers were blessed with a birth of an organization in Jaipur named SAAHAS (Society for Adventure Awareness Humanity & Automobile Sports).

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‘Motorcycle’ since birth (more than 100 years) is a symbol of Thrill, Speed, Freedom, Individualism and YOUTH.

Motorcycles vary considerably, depending on the task for which they are designed, such as Navigating congested urban traffic, Negotiating off road conditions in rural areas, Cruising, Long distance travel, Sport & Racing.

Motorcycles are the most affordable form of motorized transport in many parts of the world and for most of the world’s population motor cycles are the most common type of motor vehicle.

Increasing fuel prices and urban congestion has enhanced the popularity and escalated the sales of Motorcycles world wide, even in developed country like USA. The four largest market amongst all continents for Motorcycles are in Asia :- China, India, Indonesia & Vietnam.

From the street to the track to the trail, lakhs of INDIANS enjoy Motorcycling. Most of them ride to work every day, others ride for pleasure on weekends. Some ride off-road or journey to places near & far. Still more seek the thrill of competition.

Every growing teenager dream to own a Motorcycle and most of them want to travel long distances or want to do serious racing, BUT HOW, nobody knows and everyone seeks for a Proper Guidance.

In the year 1998, these enthusiast Motorbikers were blessed with a birth of an organization in Jaipur named SAAHAS (Society for Adventure Awareness Humanity & Automobile Sports).

Brain Child of an Ardent Motorbiker Mr.Anil Gautam (Founder Secretary SAAHAS) who has traveled more than EIGHT Lakh kilometers on Motorcycle all over India in last 32 years, participated in various Cross Country Races on Motorcycle and secured winning trophies under his belt. Even at the age of 44 he won Desert Storm Rally in the year 2006, a cross country Race started from New Delhi, covering 2000 kilometers through the Sand Dunes of Jaiselmer and concluded on fourth day at Jaipur via Camel Cart routes. He was selected as an International Sporting Steward in the year 1999 by Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme, Switzerland.

Mr.Anil Gautam is a True Motor Sport Promoter and under the aegis of SAAHAS, he is regularly organizing numerous Cross Country Races for Motorcycles, ALL INDIA SAAHAS SPEED MOTOCROSSES, with the support of Bharat Petroleum, Vintage Car & Motorbike Rallies, Road Safety Awareness Rallies with Transport & Traffic Police Department etc.

Mr.Anil Gautam and his organization have Special Regard for the people in Uniform. Their ideology is that Indian Defence Forces, who are the custodians of our Nation’s Borders are the Most Appropriate Symbol of SAAHAS (Courage). To honour and convey this message FOUR Motorcycle Expeditions have been organized till date :-

1. 2002 – “Sand to Snow”- Uptill World’s highest Motorable Road, ‘Khardung La’ (18380 ft) in Leh District of Laddakh region in Jammu & Kashmir State.
2. 2003 – “Sand to Snow”- From Jaipur to Siachen Army Base in Laddakh region in Jammu & Kashmir State.
3. 2004 – “Sand to Snow”- Uptill Indo-China Border ‘Nathu La’ in Sikkim State.
4. 2005 – “Sand to Sea”- Jaipur-Udaipur-Lonavala-Hydrabad-Chennai-Kanniyakumari-Trivendrum-Bangalore-Panjim (Goa)-Pune-Indore-Jaipur.

Since inception, number of Motorbiking enthusiasts have been benefited by SAAHAS in terms of Proper Guidance, resulting some more Motorbikers Group have been formed and are actively participating in all activities organized by SAAHAS.

Airborne Riders :- The young tough guys got together under the ledearship of tall & handsome Abhishek Singh. He is a MBA Proffessional working with Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. who named the crew as Airborne Riders. These Royal Enfield’s “Bullet” motorbike admirers are very disciplined and fond of long rides too. They actively participate as volunteers in Social and Motor Sports events with SAAHAS.

Xtreme Freestyle Riderz = XFR :- The synonym of wheelie, stopie, rolling stopie etc. is XFR, Jaipur. The Moderator Abhinav Chopra is a deciplined youthful serious Stunter, sincerely follows the guidelines given by SAAHAS and make the whole group practice with the best possible safety gears. Recently Vedant Paliwal has taken the charge of Moderator, as self-restraint as his predecessor who had to shift to Delhi for study reasons.

Steel Silencerz :- Another group of Motorbikers & Bikers having members within the age group of 12 to 25. Vaibhav Soni popular as Toni Tiger is the Captain of this sporty team. Members under 18 of this group show their skills on Bikes and rest on Motorbikes. They always mark their presence whether it is stunting, motocross, long rides or volunteering in all the activities organized by SAAHAS.

Jaipur Motorcycle Club :- One of the oldest Motorcycle club in the country, got inactive for couple of years but now back in action since SAAHAS started promoting Motor Racing. All the members are talented Off Road Motorbike Racers but best amongst them is Abhishek Mishra, who is also first 4W Ralliest from Jaipur.

Bikers Edge Club :- Formed in the year 2008 and got associated with SAAHAS. It is led by an upcoming Motocrosser Jes David. This group is a culmination of quite young Motorbikers, fond of off road riding specially Motocross. Gradually grooming themselves and performing well wherever they are participating.

Convoy Control Club :- Unique collection of Pre-War & Post-War Motorbikes means ‘C3’ (Convoy Control Club). The team leader Upendra Shastri himself owns 8 exclusive motorbikes manufactured in 40s & 50s. All the members are fond of maintaining vintage motorcycles and came in limelight through Vintage Car & Motorbike Rallies organized by SAAHAS.

Flaming Eagles :- The latest bunch of Motor Bikers to join the fleet in Pink City, originated by SAAHAS . Every member rides YAMAHA R 15. This is a brain child of Abhishek Kadel and Amanjot Singh, a soft spoken & modest young Sardar who is also Chief of the clan. The punch line of this Motor Biking passionate flock is " Flaming Eagles Sparking Pistons to Humanity ",  which also expresses their ideology.

All the young members of the afore said groups consider Mr. Anil Gautam as their Mentor.

SAAHAS is trying to posses a ground for the sport which will be a feature of the State like S.M.S. Stadium,  Polo Ground,
Golf Course, Shooting Range at Jagatpura, Mountaineering in Jhalana Doongri etc.

Mr.Anil Gautam is confident that soon there will be a designated Play Ground for Motor Sports because many Government
Officials have agreed to support  SAAHAS in terms of allocating a ground of choice. Race track will not only promote
the Internationally Acclaimed Sport but also popularize Jaipur & Rajasthan on World map as International Destination for
Motor Racing. This will add another Feather in the Cap of the State & Pink City.


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